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Aims & Objectives

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The Open GI User Group was formed as an independent body and has clearly stated objectives:

  • To help its members get the most from their system.
  • To lobby Open GI with ideas users may have on improvements in the existing system.
  • To act as the nominated agents under the clause 1.(b) of the ‘Deed of Escrow’ forming part of the software licence and hardware specifications.
  • To further the trading position of individual members as a whole.
  • To jointly promote sales of the system to other users with Open GI, to help Open GI maintain their position as the leaders in the broker market.
  • To provide feedback on the development of the system by Open GI.
  • To enable Open GI to test the functionality of users proposed future developments.
  • To provide a forum where users can pool their knowledge and experience of the practical operation of the system.

What is the ESCROW agreement?

The Open GI User Group has a legally binding agreement in place with Open GI that means the source codes for the software will be released to them in the event of Open GI going out of business. Only as a member of the Open GI User Group will you have access to the source codes. A vital part of your Business Continuity Plan for compliance purposes.

What other benefits are there?

On behalf of the User Group members, we have negotiated a number of discounts for Open GI software and services. These are reviewed annually to ensure they are current, valid and appropriate for the membership and provide a value add for being part of the User Group – often offsetting the membership cost in one purchase.

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