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Why Join?

  • Regular meetings in your local area. Topical issues and the opportunity to meet with fellow users to exchange expertise and ideas.
  • Representation at Open GI Board level. We have a National Executive Committee which is listened to. We also hold regular meetings with Open GI software developers and many of the enhancements you currently use are as a direct result of these forums.
  • Reduced priced training from Open GI
  • Training Videos (subject to availability)
  • “Open Forum Magazine”.  Regular copies of your own magazine to keep you abreast of issues which particularly affect you and your business.
  • ESCROW Protection. The ultimate protection – the Open User Group become custodians of the software should the deed be invoked in the event of Open GI failing.


What does it cost to join?

Membership of the Open User Group is FREE until the end of the year you purchase your system.

A subscription is due at the end of December and annually thereafter.

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